Erwin Wurm – Renault 25

Snacky har lavet lyddesign og post-produktionen på denne fremragende video om Erwin Wurms værk "Renault" 25 til Kunstmuseet Louisiana.

Kunstmuseet Louisiana

Forår 2013

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Om Projektet

Snacky har haft fornøjelsen af lave lyddesign og postproduktion på denne skønne video om Erwin Wurms mesterværk Renault 25. Videoen er lavet i samarbejde med Troels Kahl for Kunstmuseet Louisiana.

“No other object changes life as dramatically as a car.” Interview with the acclaimed Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, who has created an automobile that seems to come straight out of a comic strip. Erwin Wurm (b.1954) is an Austrian artist known for his humorous approach to formalism. Since the late 1980s he has been working on “One Minute Sculptures” placing people in unexpected relationships with everyday objects. In this video Erwin Wurm is interviewed while sitting in his sculpture ‘Renault 25’. The car is a unique object because it protects us and defines us at the same time, he says. The sculpture ‘Renault 25’ mimics a classic comic book demonstration of speed, distorting the car. This distortion of a well known object will change peoples perspective of it, and make them laugh, he explains. Changing the content of an object introduces us to a kind of parallel world.